Accelerated learning at the pace of change

The ever-increasing pace of change and activity in the workplace has placed greater pressure on individuals to dramatically accelerate their learning processes.

In many organizations, employees must learn new processes and programs regularly, while becoming productive with this new information very quickly. Increasing demands and the deluge of information drive the need for a quicker and easier way to learn. The powerful benefits of using the NRG Accelerated Learning Platform in your organization include:

  • Fast, easy learning
  • Innovative thinking
  • Energized employees
  • Immediate results

The NRG team provides training at every level to increase learning capacity and allow for top level performance. All of our workshops, executive coaching and team coaching services are conducted within an accelerated learning environment to enhance integration of skills and knowledge with at a faster pace and with much more ease.

We can also teach you to create an accelerated learning organization. NRG offers comprehensive training at the senior executive level to create a culture for learning from the top down. Or you can begin by trainings your managers in the skills for creating an accelerated learning environment in each of their teams. Regardless of where you start, we will help you create a respectful and honoring learning environment in which:

  • The learner is honored for what he or she brings to the topic;
  • The learning environment receives as much attention as the subject matter;
  • Authentic and positive acknowledgment provide powerful learning acceleration tools;
  • Learning is integrated through experiential exercises.

The NRG Accelerated Learning Platform is based on the Inspired Learning Model, a progressive and unique model that accelerates all learning. We are proud to be Certified Inspired Learning Facilitators.