retirement is not an ending, It’s a new beginning.

It’s a simple fact that Americans are living longer, working longer and planning less for their retirement. This is understandable; retirement means something different today than it meant even one generation ago.

But, consider this:

  • 10,000 Baby Boomers reach the age of 65 every day

  • In the next decade more than 76 million Baby Boomers will retire

  • 54% of pre-retirees are prepared to work in retirement

  • In 2018, the predicted average age of for retirement was 66

What are your retirement plans?

As a retirement coach, let me come alongside you to help you:

  • Discover your purpose and meaning in retirement

  • Handle changes in your relationships with family and friends

  • Manage other non-financial retirement planning challenges

While everyone thinks they are ready to retire, not everyone is truly prepared. As a certified retirement coach through Retirement Options, we offer a retirement readiness assessment called the Retirement Success Profile™.

Feedback from this assessment helps you gauge your current retirement readiness and gives you valuable insights to build a comprehensive plan for your retirement dreams.