you won’t find WHAT WE DO for you anywhere else.

We teach concrete tools for effective self expression and coach self-awareness and self-responsibility that drives and dictates all performance. True communication begins when people take full responsibility for themselves and posses the necessary skills. The rest flows naturally from there.

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what we do

NRG Beyond Measure creates extraordinary results for your business through learning facilitation – our unique combination of training and coaching for individuals and teams. 

Training involves teaching a particular skill or knowledge set. Coaching develops critical thinking skills, interpersonal communication, creativity and increased awareness of self-responsibility. NRG puts it all together in a positive, supportive environment—facilitating individual and team growth with immediate integration for accountability, productivity and results. 

what nrg can do for you

Can you imagine if every single member of your team—from the part-time mail clerk to the highest paid executive—had the self-awareness to take full responsibility for his or her job and possessed the mindset to win? What would it be like if your entire team had a mindset for success and contributed their ideas, passion and determination toward achieving the collective goal? We instruct and facilitate you to access the brilliance of yourself, peers and clients to achieve results. 

the nrg difference

What sets NRG Beyond Measure apart from every other communication, presentation, sales or executive training program is our unique blend of action and attitude learning competencies that are weaved throughout every workshop. The NRG Inspired Learning Platform evokes seven essential competencies:


Takes responsibility and accountability for thoughts, words and actions, and allows others to do the same.

Visionary Approach

Sees and focuses on desired personal, team and corporate outcomes; recognizes sustained success is contingent on alignment of thoughts, behaviors and attitudes.

Mindset of Success

Understands how the mind’s thoughts and ideas impact achievement and remains consistently focused on the desired vision.


Commits and employs all resources to ensure that the vision remains top priority. Thoughts, attitudes and behavior reflect this priority. 


Listens for important information objectively with patience and tolerance, and asks powerful question
with respect. 


Reaches for the bigger, stronger, more productive game and holds that focus while simultaneously working with “what is.” 

The Power of Acknowledgement

Articulates appropriate and authentic recognition of “what is true” to peers, subordinates, supervisors and colleagues. This foundational competency is the strength of the NRG Inspired Learning Model.

leaning design & delivery

In a manner in which it’s easy to learn and remarkably effective, the NRG Inspired Learning Platform sets the stage for accelerated learning of all subject matters.