How smart would it be if, just before the gun went off to commence the race, a runner strapped lead weights to her ankles? How intelligent would it be for a contractor who needed to hang dry wall first put a sleeping mask over his eyes? Finally, how ingenious would it be for a radio show host to, just seconds before he were to go on the air, take a huge bite out of a peanut butter sandwich?

I think any reasonable person could agree that in all of these examples, the individuals in question would not only be doing themselves no favors, they would be committing an incredible disservice and would make the successful outcomes they are hoping for that much more difficult to reach. Basically, they have lost before they even started.

The same is true for 95% of sales people that engage in the practice of cold calling during their daily routine. Cold calling is hard enough in a perfect scenario, let alone when one commits an unforced error and makes their job even more difficult than it has to be. Just about every cold call is over before it starts due to the first few words out of our mouths right from the onset. [read the rest of this article here.]

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— Joan