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Derek Deprey
Leadership Development Consultant

Much of Derek’s day is spent as the director of people & service for the Wisconsin Athletic Club (WAC) where he teaches over 1,000 team members the core principles of leadership, training, and personal development.

 Shortly after joining the WAC, Derek couldn’t get enough of what he was studying, learning, and applying, so he created his own business. Move Results is his avenue to engage and impact others through motivational speaking, leadership skill-building facilitation, coaching, and writing. He is also the author of SHIFT: Move from Frustrated to Fulfilled.

Derek’s diverse career endeavors include adjunct professor of adult and graduate studies at Wisconsin Lutheran College, and being certified to teach content from John Maxwell, Franklin Covey, and Ken Blanchard.

Previously, Derek spent four years as a video scout with the Milwaukee Bucks; two years as the coordinator of basketball operations with Marquette University; and one year as the director of player development with the University of Utah.

Derek believes that if there’s anything he’s learned in the past decade it’s that now is the time to build your career, shape your life, and strategically work on laying the foundation for accomplishing your dreams and prospering to your true potential. And hopes to serve as a resource for getting your compass pointed in the right direction.

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