No one likes to have difficult conversations,
but who said they had to be difficult?

Difficult Conversations Made Easy creates an accelerated learning environment that supports all managers as they try on new skills and role-play difficult situations. The best managers offer authentic, honest and supportive communication on a regular basis—and especially when difficulties arise. By concentrating on the desired results rather than the employee's perceived shortcomings, you build trust, respect and rapport and greatly enhance the probability of a positive outcome.

This workshop is designed to help team leaders, supervisors and managers practice critical communication and coaching skills. Learn to effectively provide on-going feedback to your team members, minimize performance issues and maximize employee potential.

Specific scenarios addressed may include:

  • Accommodating personal challenges

  • Resistance and fear of change in the workplace

  • Peer cynicism

  • Peer-to-peer coaching for managers

  • Managing chronic under-performers

  • Addressing personal issues and uncomfortable situations

  • The impact of delayed feedback

  • Receiving feedback as a team leader

you will learn to:

  • Communicate with confidence, clarity and authority

  • Initiate and implement productive dialogue with your team

  • Cultivate buy-in and negotiate win-win outcomes to build stronger relationships

  • Establish rapport in difficult conversations

  • Deliver your message in a manner that inspires rather than irritates

  • Provide effective feedback with confidence

  • Understand the deeper issues and clearly read each situation

  • Ask questions that elicit the results you desire

  • Make requests that have a strong probability of follow-through

  • Handle conflict and difficult personalities

  • Express acknowledgments with authenticity Apply the rules of engagement effectively for results-oriented dialogue

who will benefit:

Any manager who wishes to hone their direct communication skills and responsible for the supervision of others, including:

  • Managers responsible for staff development

  • Supervisors and team leaders who want to support exceptional staff performance

  • Business and financial analysts

  • Project managers

  • Administrative managers

  • HR professionals


  • Participants: 8 to 15 (max)

  • Format: 1-2 day onsite intensive with two learning facilitators

  • Integration support:

    • 45-day integration support via teleclass

    • 12 integrative exercises

    • 3 private coaching sessions for each participant