Leveraging Attention and Intention
for Unlimited Success

Successful sales careers don’t just happen—top producers know how to deliberately create and expand their capacity for extraordinary sales performance. Discover the power of attention and intention to create the mental saturation and integration that will leverage all of the other tools and techniques that you already possess. Eliminate self-sabotage and release your inner brakes to start selling from a place of real power and strength.

This workshop is about playing your ultimate inner game. Attitudes, mindsets and accompanying self-talk are learned behaviors that can be unlearned—especially if they are not supporting your business goals. You will formulate and articulate a personal vision to accomplish (and even exceed) your quarterly and yearly sales goals—and then create an action plan to realize those goals. You will learn to recognize and release hidden obstacles and conflicting thoughts before they sabotage your success. Learn how to tap into and develop the power of your mind-body consciousness to create a laser-beam focus right at the edge of impossible to actualize more than you ever thought possible.

Part I

  • Attention and intention. Your focus creates your situation—continuous clarity of mind activates sales performance and ensures success.

  • Attitude and mindset. Your thoughts and beliefs will draw or repel your ideal customers. Success-oriented thinking creates options and solutions, while problem-oriented thinking simply creates more problems.

part II

  • Miracle thoughts. Step into the world of the super-performer—leverage the power of your mind, access truly creative thought and enrich your bottom line. Develop immunity to economic climate and other external factors.

  • Close the “knowing-doing” gap. Implement and integrate the mind-to-muscle pattern that will supercharge the higher levels of your mind for resilient, persistent and committed focus.

you will learn to:

  • Recognize your current attitude and mindset and realign to sales goals

  • Identify and release the limiting beliefs and self-defeating patterns of mediocrity

  • Replace self-deprecating thoughts and language and saturate your mind with new positive attitudes

  • Develop and hone your laser-beam consciousness to focus on thoughts and attitudes that surpass your goals and objectives

  • Employ the power of focus in your business relationships, deals and challenges

  • Envision and integrate “miracle thoughts” that energize and boost business goals; transition from passive observer to active super-performer mindset

  • Understand and integrate the skill of attached detachment to expand closes

  • Document the correlation between your new mindset and the bottom line

who will benefit:

Anyone who wishes to harness the power of their mind to advance the sales process, including:

  • National sales managers

  • Regional sales managers

  • Account executives

  • Sales representatives

  • Business development executives

  • Financial planners

  • Subject matter experts


  • Participants: 6 to 15

  • Format: 1-2 day onsite intensive with two learning facilitators

  • Integration Support:

    • 45-day integration support via teleclass

    • 8 integrative exercises

    • 3 private coaching sessions for each participant