The Executive Leadership Group is for leaders interested in continuous learning in order to stay viable and ready for the future of work.

The Executive Leadership Group has been developed by NRG Beyond Measure and The Starr Group to address the need for a round table forum exclusively for executive professionals in the metro-Milwaukee area. This group will meet five times a year for a 1/2 day in-person meeting and offer virtual learning and executive coaching support.

The Executive Leadership Group seeks dedicated members that are committed to supporting a diverse network of like minded individuals to be successful, and ready for today’s increasing globalization and rapidly evolving technologies. Members will learn through the sharing of different perspectives on ideas, business concerns, and personal and/or professional growth. All members will have access to additional, individual, one-on-one executive coaching telephone support to anchor in goals, add a level of accountability, process personal or business objectives, and allow time to explore further ideas or concerns.

Sessions take a proactive approach to reaching desired goals. The focus is a positive one, teaching skills to help group members stay in their most resourceful state to achieve results. The facilitated meetings allow time for you to get insights from your peers on any topic in your business or personal life.

Five in-person group meetings and one virtual meeting will expand your executive network of resources and opportunities. Your group becomes your “unbiased board of advisors” offering uninterrupted time for connection as well as time to discuss sensitive and important topics.

Each group gathering will offer a short training on topics that support both personal and professional growth. This small workshop setting encourages interaction and sharing. The diversity of the group wisdom and experience broadens your perspective, creating a deeper learning experience.

Membership will include access to ReadyToSayYes is an online community focused on both personal and professional development. ReadyToSayYes members have access to monthly life and leadership virtual classes throughout the year.

Joining a group is by invitation only. If you are interested in exploring whether an executive coaching group fits your personal/professional goals and objectives, contact us for more information.