Essential Interpersonal and Communication Skills

What are the essential ingredients of powerful communication? Do you use these ingredients effectively? Communication styles are natural and powerful systems through which we react to our world and translate our experiences to others.

People communicate in three primary styles – each completely different – yet all viable and valuable in our diverse global marketplace.

  1. First, we ask the question, “How am I relating to others and how do others relate to me?”

  2. Then we find the answer through a series of experiences designed to facilitate understanding of your communication style and how it impacts daily interpersonal dynamics.

This intensive group experience, with follow-on integrative coaching support via teleclass ensures, a powerful and lasting change in communication abilities.

you will learn to:

  • Discover and master your own natural communication style

  • Gain an understanding of and appreciation for other styles

  • Be fully present for each interaction with true connectedness

  • Listen carefully for values and key indicators

  • Master your “inner game” and appreciate the same in others

  • Elicit critical information by asking the right questions

  • Demonstrate confidence using eye contact and non-verbal communication

  • Eliminate distractions from your message

  • Increase positive communication flow

  • Identify and articulate the “elephant in the room”

  • Avert conflict and misunderstandings

  • Create and cultivate true win-win situations

  • Express acknowledgments with authenticity

  • Apply the “rules of engagement” effectively for results-oriented dialogue

who will benefit:

  • Account executives

  • Sales representatives and support staff

  • Marketing managers

  • Business and financial analysts

  • Project mangers

  • Project coordinators

  • Administrative managers

  • HR professionals

  • Logistics staff


  • Participants: 8 to 15 (max)

  • Format: 2-3 day onsite intensive with two learning facilitators

  • Integration support:

    • 45-day integration support via teleclass

    • 12 integrative exercises

    • 3 private coaching sessions for each participant