Your people will tell you exactly what they value, what they need and how they want to be treated…
Are you listening? 

Exceptional leaders know how to listen for the real message behind the words and actions of employees, supervisors, customers and colleagues. They know how to engage others and listen for what excites them—and with that knowledge—clarify and streamline their message to build strong trusting relationships in which people feel heard, respected and valued.

This fun, interactive, practical and compelling workshop moves beyond mere technique—it presents a new paradigm in authentic leadership communication. Move from autobiographical and manipulative listening to authentic listening—being fully present and hearing the essence of what’s most important to your employee, boss, customer or colleague. Get to the bottom line and forward the action in all management processes with clear knowledge and insight.

you will learn to:

  • Listen and communicate with clarity and confidence

  • Empower and inspire employees to perform at their highest capacity

  • Maximize impact of face-to-face and phone meetings

  • Pose powerful questions that transform relationships

  • Clarify information and values to ensure the desired results

  • Acknowledge employees and colleagues with authentic interest and fascination

  • Hear the true message by assessing the similarities or differences in what people are saying and their non-verbal communication

who will benefit:

  • Leaders and individual contributors who play a facilitator role, formally or informally

  • Subject matter experts

  • Field and regional managers

  • Sales and marketing managers

  • Finance and operations managers

  • IT managers

  • Project managers and team leaders

  • Administrative managers

  • HR professionals


  • Participants: 8 to 15 (max)

  • Format: 2-3 day onsite intensive with two learning facilitators

  • Integration support:

    • 30-day integration support via teleclass

    • 12 integrative exercises

    • 3 private coaching sessions for each participant