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Patty Jackson
Life Coach

As a life coach, instructor and stress management specialist, Patty has a unique ability to help people hone in on what is truly going on inside themselves so they can gain peace of mind and lead positive change.

The author of two books and life coach training curriculum, Patty has trained hundreds of life coaches and has been featured as a human empowerment expert at corporate/church events, on TV, radio and in magazines.

For longer than a decade, people have been experiencing seemingly miraculous success stories because of living and sharing the concepts, strategies and processes Patty teaches; confident parenting, ability to enjoy previously toxic relationships, recovered marriages, fulfilling business leadership and growth, easy decision making, life long goals fulfilled (with more on their way), powerfully managing stress and anger, personal fulfillment, happy families–and more!

“When the going gets rough, the wise line up solutions. I will show you how!” – Patty Jackson

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