Paul M. Neuberger
Cold Call Sales Coach

Paul took his first cold calling job out of necessity during college. He fell in love with it right out of the gate and hasn’t looked back since.

Following three years of intense money raising, he was approached by a member of his college’s Advancement Office who asked him to consider staying on full-time after graduation. His intention was to go to medical school so he respectfully demurred.

Through dogged persistence, and by reminding Paul that as an aspiring orthopedic surgeon he would be in school for another 52 years so he may be well-served to get one year of real-world experience beforehand, he agreed to pursue the opportunity.

Within three months Paul believed that he had found his calling in life. He rose through the ranks quickly and within a few years made it to vice president for advancement at Marian University in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.

Shortly thereafter, Paul set his sights on succeeding as a financial advisor. A key component of his approach was trying new things – many of which worked incredibly well. Before he knew it, bankers, realtors, financial professionals, and others started asking if he could show them what he was doing or if he would be kind enough to stop by their offices and work with their teams. A few of them even offered to pay for his help.

Seeing a business opportunity on the horizon, he created The Cold Call Coach. Since then, he has been blessed to work with Fortune 500 companies, professional sports teams, clients in nearly one dozen states, and has spoken in front of thousands of people. He has also relished his time with solo entrepreneurs, stay-at-home moms who sell on the side, or small real estate shops looking to get in front of more potential clients.

According to Paul, cold calling isn’t dead. It’s alive and well and is easily the most effective tool on the market when done correctly. 

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