Strategic Coaching Skills to
Maximize Sales Productivity

Inspire your team to sell more with dramatic performance enhancement tools that maximize individual and team performance. Bring out the best in your people by developing your skills as a coach/manager—and inspire them to self-motivate from within. As you begin to consistently integrate new coaching skills in your management style, you will notice real-time improvements in your team’s sales productivity, positive attitude and customer service focus.

This highly interactive, fun and reflective workshop is conducted in a fail-proof environment where you can experience the synergy of connecting with other highly-motivated sales managers to learn, practice, sharpen and master new skills. Increase your job satisfaction from within—all while meeting or exceeding your productivity goals.

you will learn to:

  • Recognize, develop and integrate your own coaching style through active role-play

  • Identify coaching opportunities in the work environment

  • Model a winning attitude to your team

  • Maximize productivity and s upport your team to break through obstacles and common avoidance maneuvers for improved individual performance

  • Allocate your time, energy and resources amongst your “A”, “B” and “C” players for maximum impact as a coach/manager

  • Ask powerful questions to expand the capacities of your highest producers

  • Design more effective development plans for your sales teams

  • Engage with team members in ways that avert defensiveness and resistance

  • Structure sales team meetings for greater productivity

  • Hold the vision and focus for your team as they gain greater self-awareness and self-mastery

  • Teach specific job-related selling skills to the entire sales team

  • Resolve conflict and difficult situations with ease

  • Provide feedback in a way that motivates and inspires

  • Understand the difference between an acknowledgment and a compliment and when to use each

  • Cut to the bottom line more quickly and effectively

  • Implement new strategies to increase maximum sales performance

  • Instill a wide-spread commitment to teamwork to increase productivity across the board

who will benefit:

Anyone who wishes to hone their communication skills and responsible for advancing the sales process through or with a sales force, including:

  • National sales managers

  • Regional sales managers

  • Business development executives

  • Financial planners

  • Subject matter experts


  • Participants: 5 to 12 (max)

  • Format: 2 day onsite intensive with two learning facilitators

  • Integration support:

    • 45-day integration support via teleclass

    • 8 integrative exercises

    • 3 private coaching sessions for each participant