Aligning Values and Communication Style

“It’s not what you say, but how you say it.” A critical voice, defeating attitude, negative stance or lack of self-awareness can stifle major potential. This fun and safe workshop is for promising employees and teams who are falling short of their full potential due to difficulties in relating to others. Learn new strategies to overcome obstacles and create productive relationships with co-workers. Explore talents, strengths, beliefs and values while “connecting the dots” between mindset, behavior and results.

Communication rules work when a specific set of circumstances exist, however values give direction all the time, regardless of circumstances. Participants develop and clarify their shared values as they learn to apply their values effectively, consistently and with respect.

Part I

  • Self-discovery. Discover your unique talents, abilities, strengths and beliefs. Achieve new awareness and insight into your personal values. Identify your optimal working conditions, preferred creative atmosphere and productive periods throughout the day.

  • Values discovery and alignment. Articulate where personal and organizational values align and diverge. How are values communicated in your environment? How are they enforced and reinforced?

part II

  • Values and behavior. How do you choose to be known in your team/department and/or with clients? Are your values and strengths in alignment with your behavior?

  • Behavior and impact. How does your behavior, attitude and energy impact team, client and organizational interactions? What pushes your buttons or holds you back? What will keep your attitude, energy and productivity moving in a positive direction?

you will learn to:

  • Discover and accept your unique talents and gifts

  • Understand the value of your talents and gifts to the group

  • Be mindful of the effect of your thoughts, energy and behavior on others

  • Appreciate the impact of your strengths and collaboration on overall productivity

  • Identify discrepancies between values and behavior

  • Integrate new tools to defeat obstacles

  • Avoid the seduction of others’ obstacles

  • Communicate advantageously despite history and past patterns

who will benefit:

  • Promising teams that want to relate better to accomplish more – easily and effectively

  • Employees with strong performance potential who want extra support in relating to others


We offer this workshop in two ways:

  • Engage an entire team. A compelling and powerful platform to energize and bond teammates on many different levels. Great introduction to Synchronized Power Teams. Maximum 15 participants in this format.

  • Individual participants. For individuals who do not know one another and/or do not work together. The focus of this is more on personal development rather than group dynamic. Maximum 8 participants in this format.

  • Participants: 8 to 15 (dependent on format choice above)

    1. Format: 2 day onsite intensive with 2-3 Learning Facilitators

    2. Integration Support :

      • 8 integrative exercises

      • 3 private coaching sessions for each participant

      • Group coaching session with each participant and supervisor

      • Optional integration support via teleclass