Maximizing Influence for Results

Broadening your influence is about deepening communication, not increasing manipulation. Accomplishing challenging goals in complex team or committee environments – where direct authority is less effective – requires true mastery of interpersonal communication. Three key points include:

  • Trust. Trust is built over time by delivering respect, empathy and genuineness in every interaction – and it can be lost in an instant with a callous remark or insensitive action. High trust between people ensures the smooth success of all interactions. Learn to create and build trust among diverse groups for consensus and action.

  • Authentic and non-confrontational communication. “Difficult” conversations don’t have to be difficult. It’s all in your mindset, and in how you present your message. You can make powerful requests in a way that ensures others feel heard and supported. You can encourage cooperation and inspire action without manipulation, political maneuvers, power struggles or back-biting. Authentic speaking means that your message and/or request is honest, respectful, clear and effective.

  • Problem-solving. Effective language skills are essential when trouble-shooting group problems and issues. When disappointment, anger and frustration surface, how do you react? Learn to identify the problem beneath the surface issue, assess where others are in their problem solving process, articulate your stance, accept responsibility and commit to action.

(Prerequisite: Impressive Exchanges: Essential Interpersonal and Communications Skills)

you will learn to:

  • Communicate with confidence, clarity and authority

  • Ask the right questions to move forward

  • Gather and expand information necessary for decision-making

  • Cultivate “buy-in” and negotiate “win-wins” to build a stronger team

  • Balance accountability with powerful requests

  • Build better relationships

  • Articulate yourself clearly and effectively

  • Listen and truly hear other points of view

  • Handle conflict and difficult personalities

  • Clearly read each situation

  • Understand the deeper issues

  • Present yourself as a leader

who will benefit:

  • Exerienced managers who wish to broaden their realm of influence

  • Members of:

    • Cross-functional teams

    • Consortiums

    • Committees

    • Boards of directors/trustees


  • Participants: 8 to 15 (max)

  • Format: 1-2 day onsite intensive with two learning facilitators

  • Integration Support:

    • 30-day integration support via teleclass

    • 12 integrative exercises

    • 3 private coaching sessions for each participant