The most respected, effective and charismatic leaders unleash their creativity and expert communication skills to paint a vivid vision that inspires enthusiasm and action in others. 

Visionary leaders masterfully align the “doingness” of business with the “beingness” and managerial style of inspired leadership. When their teams can successfully re-articulate the vision themselves, each telling of the story amplifies the laser-beam focus of the visionary co-creative process.

Rocket-power your leadership game and organizational vision into the stratosphere with this exciting, interactive and exploratory workshop. Envision, clarify and hone your picture of outrageous success, while cultivating the skills, methods and mindset for expert integration. We teach leaders and managers how to hold the vision and focus for themselves and the entire team, all while implementing the coaching skills that champion and maximize team and individual potential, including:

  • Attention and intention. Focus and continuous clarity of mind activates significant change and ensures the desired outcome.

  • Attitude and mindset. Thoughts and beliefs affect the actualization of all business relationships and negotiations. Success-oriented thinking creates options and solutions, while problem-oriented thinking simply creates more problems.

  • Miracle thoughts. Step into the world of the mastermind—leverage the power of your mind, access truly creative thought and enrich your genius state. Develop immunity to economic climate and other external factors.

  • Close the “knowing-doing” gap. Implement and integrate the mind-to-muscle pattern that will supercharge the higher levels of your mind for resilient, persistent and committed focus.

  • Step into visionary leadership. Learn, practice and integrate advanced coaching skills as you hold personal and group focus on the vivid vision.

(Recommended prerequisite: The Essential Managerial Toolkit: Strategic Coaching Skills for Exceptional Results)

you will learn to:

  • Recognize how your vision, focus and clarity impacts your team Articulate the vision in way that inspires, creates excitement and collaboration

  • Elevate team productivity through individual strengths and team cohesiveness

  • Use formal group processes to involve and align employees

  • Achieve employee commitment through two-way one-on-one communication

  • Identify and release historical patterns, inherited messages and limiting beliefs at the organizational level

  • Activate your inner mastermind

  • Develop and hone your laser-beam consciousness to focus on thoughts and attitudes that surpass your goals and objectives

  • Employ the power of focus in your business relationships, deals and challenges

  • Envision and integrate “miracle thoughts” that energize and boost business goals

  • Document the correlation between your visionary mindset and the bottom line

who will benefit:

  • Vice presidents

  • Directors

  • Partners in professional service firms

  • Senior managers

  • Team and project leaders


  • Participants: 6-12

  • Format: 3 day onsite intensive with two learning facilitators

  • Integration support:

    • 60-day integration support via teleclass

    • 12 integrative exercises

    • 5 private coaching sessions for each participant